• Every town should have a farmers market

    A place where local farming is underwritten by the community it serves. Now that’s an idea worth Crowd Funding.

    Farmers Market
  • Adorable clothes for our adorable little people

    Who can resist a bonnet or tiny beachwear?  Your designs can come to life when you launch a Crowd Funding campaign.

    Kids Clothes
  • Communities are where we live, thrive, and raise our families

    A new playground or walking trail is an investment in the future.  If it’s important to you, build a Crowd Funding campaign.

  • Dreaming of recording your own work?

    Got the lyrics and melody. But not the money. Music to my ears. Crowd Fund your next project. Test the waters and see how well your fans appreciate your vibe.

    Violin Player
  • Everybody loves the pooch, but nobody wants to bathe him

    That’s why a petcare business works. Low overhead and guaranteed surprises. Create a Crowd Funding campaign to raise the funds and bring grooming to a city near you.

  • How does the band move from the garage to the studio?

    Crowd Funding. If you’ve got what it takes, turn the next composition into a 3 minute video telling the story of your revolutionary beats.

  • One of the hottest trends in baked goods these days is cupcakes

    Once you’ve selected the magical designs, you are going to need good equipment, ingredients, and a marketing plan. Crowd Funding can help.

  • Foodies will always be around

    So will great food spots.  Yours may be the next hot spot or just a place where everybody knows they can get a meal to remember.  If your dishes are that good, you should Crowd Fund to start or expand.

  • Start up the business idea, project, or serve the cause that means the most to you. Do a Crowd Funding campaign to raise the money you need. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Kenectit is a new form of raising capital to fund your business ideas and causes

  • Got a business idea?
    Need the funding to get it going?

    Over $1.5 billion was raised for projects last year. You can run a 30 day crowd funding campaign and receive full funding.


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Kenectit is a new form of raising capital to fund your business ideas and causes. Read More

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